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As many of you know anything about gardening, lawn care, the problem may be a different story. We are happy to help. Lawn Care New Albany section can help you with questions about the different types of grass and how often the lawn problems, answer alternatives and the development of the overall lawn care. Let the load does not ask for peace. Instead of answers and tips for using lawn care and information as a guide for growing a healthy green grass carpet will make others green with envy.

Lawn Works LLC was founded on a simple principle of mindfulness: unmatched customer service and excellent quality. From the beginning of its existence, New Albany Lawn Care have built a team of specialists to meet their needs of the landscape. We use gardening experts, lawn and gardening professionals to give personalized approach tailored to the needs and design of the outdoors.

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The spring lawn care approach provides a just right amount of fresh air, sun and exercise and allows your lawn to glory the season. Spring lawn tasks are not difficult, but they do play a vital role in getting your grass on the road to a period of healthy productive growth. We can suggest you some steps that you can try by your own.

  • Walk around your lawn and branches and other debris to pick up that appeared in the winter. Remove debris and add small branches and leaves to the compost pile. Then rake the dead grass. You can also go in the compost heap, unless it contains the weeds.
  • Set bald on cold season grass using some seed. Water areas newly sown a day for at least a week, but ideally comes to mow level feasible. Avoid mowing the lawn until you are at least 2 inches long or at the same height as the surrounding lawn.
  • If lent grass was a problem, so you can contact Lawn Care New Albany at the time of the first mowing. We can suggest you the ways to nourish the roots of plants for a strong growth. you should also protect the lawn from heat and drought.
  • Adjust the mower to cut grass at the highest value for the grass type of your lawn. The tall grass sinks deeper roots (you can look for moisture) and eliminates weeds. Most peat types thrive with a blade height of 3 to 4 inches, which usually corresponds to the highest setting of a mower. The golden rule for mowing is to remove only one third of the total length of the grass blade at the same time.

New Albany Lawn Care decorations is a leading provider of gardening and lawn care in the Shively area. Our experience and personal dedication work one on one with each client to ensure that they receive exactly the expectation and service they need to build effective long-term relationships with our company. (502) 550-7893 or email.

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