How To Safe Your Garden From Your Pets

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  1. To dogs not be in flower beds, just complete a few folds on the floor.
  2. Keep pets litter beds or fresh seeds or soft ground by periodically placing them on the floor.
  3. Take a wire cloth to protect entire beds. To make sure you have a crush, drive some long bets on the floor around the perimeter of the bed. Put a roll chicken wire in one last play. Twist the wire and plug it in and use paper against the rest of the bet if you do not want to see it.
  4. Spicy spicy plants like rosemary and sage to keep cats out of a garden bed.
    An annual plant called Coleus canine has developed with a very penetrating scent that transports the cats. Plant under the bird feeders or any particular place to discourage your cat.
  5. Spread a layer of ground coffee on beds to keep cats away.
  6. To prevent cats digging in empty soil stains (eg, edges to plant seeds), plant a stone in the soil. When they walk in, they will be looking for another place to dig.
  7. For dogs not digging in the garden, create your own play on a bare patch of ground. Dig a large shallow hole and fill it with sand. Add some toys, and your dog has his own litter box.
  8. Use cedar chunks for routes and beds to protect your pet from fleas.

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