Top Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Summertime

New grass will give your garden a sturdy and healthy look. Use this step-by-step guide to start your new grass growth:

  1. Extra litter kills sprout grass and leads to baldness. But extra leaves and grass make a good compost.
  2. Use plant soil to fill the low areas and collect new planting. At any stage you can get suggestions of experienced and professional Terrace Landscaping.
  3. Sow your garden. Spread new seeds around the thin or bare spots in your yard. Make sure sun or shade-friendly seeds are used if necessary. Mixing both types of seeds can result in slight growth.
  4. Use a natural or slow-release fertilizer to grow your seeds. Some fertilizers kill large leaf weeds such as dandelions.
  5. Spread plant soil in your seed area to keep your seeds in place and protect the seedlings from the birds.
  6. Use a soil test kit to detect mineral or in your garden. Earthworms, cottonseed and compost are effective solutions for depleted soil. The analysis of the soil can be very extensive, given the information that can be collected in your country. Consider investing in a professional to help with testing and analyzing the results.
  7. Bottom aeration divides unfinished floor and sinks nutrients into soil. To get the best results, hire a professional to listen to your garden.
  8. Hire a pest control in favor of protecting the harmful culprits. Lawn Care Jeffersontown can help you for you to increase the health health of your garden.
  9. Water your new lawn every day for 10 to 14 days. Avoid excess water and late creation - especially if using fertilizer. Excess water can carry harmful chemicals into nearby bodies of water and make them harm wildlife.

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